Thought for the Day
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
Helen Keller

School Motto and Crest

(From Darkness Lead Us Into Light)

The Arabic verse " Min-A-Zulumati-Ilan-Noor " means "From darkness lead us into light".
The crest of the school has been crafted out of the two crests of the parent schools" Tyndale - Biscoe School: The Paddles laid across and the Mallinson School: The Chinar Leaf.
The paddles laid across in colour of red indicating sacrifice and honest labour, and the chinar leaf in green stressing concern for the total environment in which the human beings live on this planet earth.
We urge students to shed the darkness of ignorance and backwardness and shine in the True Light of Knowledge. This can be achieved if their character reflects sincerity of purpose, faith in God's creation and love for one's neighbour.